Batman Definitely Has Rabies

Batman has always been the serious, gravel-voiced billionaire crime-fighter we know and love…as long as you discount the time he was turned into a walking rainbow. Or a tree-man. Or a block of ice. Or an actual bat. Or chain-gang prisoner. Or a toddler. Or a baby. — Google Images I was going to sayContinue reading “Batman Definitely Has Rabies”

Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves is Secretly About Impostors

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves came out during a very influential time in my life. I was young enough for the neighbors to laugh when I built my first yarn-and-stick bow, yet old enough to get into trouble for threatening to cut their hearts out with spoons. Less intimidating when it’s a 7-year-old. So it’s noContinue reading “Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves is Secretly About Impostors”