Scratchbuilding A Spelljammer

For anyone unfamiliar with the Spelljammer expansion, back in 1989 the writers of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons decided that their vast libraries of middle-earth-like modules wasn’t expansive enough. So they took us to space. Dungeons and Dragons…in space. Just let that sink in. Illiterate barbarians operating complex space-faring machinery. Sorcerers throwing fireballs into the darkContinue reading “Scratchbuilding A Spelljammer”

Your Fighter Would Be A Terrible Soldier

A few weeks back I talked about how archery is misunderstood by fantasy gamers. And wouldn’t you know, someone disagreed with me. But the respectful counter-argument raised about my archery post wasn’t in defense of rangers in D&D. Or much about archery at all, really. Our discourse seemed to focus on the plausibility of small, elite groups,Continue reading “Your Fighter Would Be A Terrible Soldier”

Excuses To Fill Your Dungeon With Monsters

Why are there so many monsters in your dungeon? I realize there are certain expectations in tabletop games. I understand that a dungeon in Dungeons and Dragons is bound to be harboring horrible beasties–otherwise why play the game? I get that every RPG, from Pathfinder to Savage Worlds, must feature subterranean labyrinths from time to time. But why the hellContinue reading “Excuses To Fill Your Dungeon With Monsters”