Scratchbuilding A Spelljammer

For anyone unfamiliar with the Spelljammer expansion, back in 1989 the writers of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons decided that their vast libraries of middle-earth-like modules wasn’t expansive enough. So they took us to space. Dungeons and Dragons…in space. Just let that sink in. Illiterate barbarians operating complex space-faring machinery. Sorcerers throwing fireballs into the darkContinue reading “Scratchbuilding A Spelljammer”

Your Fighter Would Be A Terrible Soldier

A few weeks back I talked about how archery is misunderstood by fantasy gamers. And wouldn’t you know, someone disagreed with me. But the respectful counter-argument raised about my archery post wasn’t in defense of rangers in D&D. Or much about archery at all, really. Our discourse seemed to focus on the plausibility of small, elite groups,Continue reading “Your Fighter Would Be A Terrible Soldier”

Historically Accurate Loot In Tabletops

Note: This article was written by J, a guest writer from our old website, and it was too good to let it go to waste. It has been reposted here with his permission. Let’s face it: your players are thieves. Sure, they may wait until after they murder someone to take their shit, but takeContinue reading “Historically Accurate Loot In Tabletops”

Excuses To Fill Your Dungeon With Monsters

Why are there so many monsters in your dungeon? I realize there are certain expectations in tabletop games. I understand that a dungeon in Dungeons and Dragons is bound to be harboring horrible beasties–otherwise why play the game? I get that every RPG, from Pathfinder to Savage Worlds, must feature subterranean labyrinths from time to time. But why the hellContinue reading “Excuses To Fill Your Dungeon With Monsters”

Batman Definitely Has Rabies

Batman has always been the serious, gravel-voiced billionaire crime-fighter we know and love…as long as you discount the time he was turned into a walking rainbow. Or a tree-man. Or a block of ice. Or an actual bat. Or chain-gang prisoner. Or a toddler. Or a baby. — Google Images I was going to sayContinue reading “Batman Definitely Has Rabies”