About J.D.

Hi, I’m JD, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I tell stories about heroes who are desperate for redemption.

Some of my humor articles have been featured on Moviepilot, like Retired Obi-Wan Was A Killing Machine. I’ve also won awards for speech writing, speech evaluation, and fantasy writing. In 2014 I placed 2nd in the Willamette Writer’s annual fiction contest. And in 2018 I was invited to be the model speaker in Salem Oregon for the Toastmasters International Convention.

How To Reach Me

If you’re looking to hire me for research, speech coaching, or plot advice, email me here.


If you want snark and nonsense in neat 140-character boxes, you can follow me on Twitter.


If you want to rope me into a lengthy argument about Blade Runner 2049 and why it’s secretly a genius movie, you can find me on Facebook.


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