The Kitbash Weapon Master & Scratchbuilt Ice Golems

Today I’m getting back to my roots; Dungeons and Dragons. Specifically miniatures in Dungeons and Dragons. The gluey, messy, break-the-bank and bash-the-kit kind of Dungeons and Dragons.

First up: The Ice Golem Army. This will be my 2nd attempt at cheap ice golems. The 1st attempt, while attractive, yellowed over time due to the epoxy I used.

This build requires acrylic fish rocks, superglue, lightweight insulation foam, and some acrylic paint.

The rocks can be found at a craft store, online at Amazon, or in your kid’s goldfish bowl. The glue and insulation were, naturally, stolen from my neighbor’s garage.

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. Affix smaller rocks to larger rocks to recreate Gorignak. Try different variations of rock golem.

Warning: don’t use epoxy as the glue. As I mentioned up above, epoxies yellow! I’ve discovered through trial and error that only a few jeweler’s epoxies keep their clear coat over the years. Trust me, you don’t want your kickass Ice Golems turning into Yellow Snow Golems.

I also realized I would need a boss to head up my pack of frozen friendos. So I made a big ol’ fat daddy golem. You can be pretty careless with the shape of the feet, since we’ll be sinking those into the foam.

Since these guys come out to be less than 5 cents apiece, I decided to error on the site of “Way, way too many. Unstoppable waves, too many.

The one mistake I’ll admit to is gluing them onto the bases before painting around the feet. If possible, paint the feet first, otherwise you’ll catch glimpses of pink foam in the clear rocks. For this reason I had to paint higher up the leg with my initial blue uncercoat, followed by some white sponge painting.

Next, I was inspired by the art of Fate Stay Night: Infinite Bladeworks. I thought it would be neat to play a fighter who could, on the fly, swap between a landscape of discarded weapons at his feet.

To accomplish this I cracked open my craft box, which is brimming with unused weapon variants from Warhammer models I’ve worked on over the years. I wanted my fighter to be a Great Weapon Master, so I focused on the comically large weapons. I also wanted a gladiator body with a vicious fighter helmet. So some kit-bashing was necessary.

Read too much Sanderson and you might try licking the pewter for strength.

And yes. I made fun little screaming sounds as I beheaded the miniatures with wire cutters.

The sockets were cut with an exacto blade. The rare earth magnets (extra small, $1.99 from the game store) were super-glued into the plastic.

I also wanted a crossbow. Because some enemies aren’t kind enough to remain in crowbar range.

Next, for the base, I scratched up the plastic to give it some tooth and applied a mound of plumber’s putty. I wanted a slight incline to the bank, that way I could affix jagged bits of metal around the fighter’s feet. Both to enhance the “Rough” feel of the mini, and to magnet the usable weapons to the base.

The usable weapons are grey for now, but we’ll put some red and brass paint on them to make them stand out later.

I went with a parchment yellow base to give the bleed-through a sepia tone. I wanted the paint job to feel Silent Hill adjacent. Second cousin to Pyramid Head, maybe.

Pictured above is the figure before the final few dry brushes and black acrylic wash (20% paint, 80% water).

And here’s the final product…

It’s all about the accessories, isn’t it?

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