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Winner of the Willamette Writers’ Kay Snow Award for Short Fiction

Excerpt – The Nameless Boy

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Plot Pragmatism

What can we learn about dialogue from True Detective? Why do Star Wars fans hate Star Wars? And what new fantasy series is destined to become modern mythology?

Tabletop Games

Everything I know about fantasy readers I learned at the D&D table. Here I’ll share my scratch-built monstrosities, gaming foibles, and lessons from the D&D table.

FREE Stories

Excerpts from my novels, contest short stories, and speeches.

“Not every speech has to be a TED talk. For God’s sake, tell a story!”

Storymasters – Portland

As a member of Toastmasters (a non-profit public speaking organization) I’ve given educational talks on speechcraft, storytelling, and plotting.

You can find some of these educational resources here.

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